CECILIA publications and other publishable outcomes

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Date Description (Authors, Name) Type
2010-12-12 Hirschi, M., S.I. Seneviratne, V. Alexandrov, F. Boberg, C. Boroneant, O.B. Christensen, H. Formayer, B. Orlowsky and P. Stepanek. Observational evidence for soil-moisture impact on hot extremes in southeastern Europe. Nature Geoscience, 4, 17?21, doi:10.1038/ngeo1032. Journal
2010-05-24 ?těpánek, P., Zahradníček, P., Huth, R. (2010): Interpolation techniques used for data quality control and calculation of technical series: an example of Central European daily time series. Idojaras (submitted) Journal
2010-05-05 Rodica MIC, Ciprian CORBUS, Gianina NECULAU, Assessment of climate change impact on water resources in the South-East part of Romania, using different spatial resolution atmospheric model output, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 12, EGU2010-8014, EGU General Assembly 2010 Proceedings
2010-02-04 Sorbjan Z., 2009. Improving non-local parameterization of the convective boundary layer. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 130, 57-69 Journal
2010-02-04 Sorbjan Z. and A. Grachev, 2010. An Evaluation of the Flux-Gradient Relationship in the Stable Boundary Layer. Submitted to Boundary-Layer Meteorology (Submitted on 10 Aug 2009, revised on 11 Dec 2009, currently in print) Journal
2010-02-01 Trapp W., Juda-Rezler K., Warchalowski A., Reizer M., Paciorek M., Paciorek M.K., 2010. Modelling of PM10 and PM2.5 Particulate Matter Air Pollution in Poland. In: Polish research in Environmental Engineering. Five years in EU, EDS.: Pawlowski L., Dudzinska M. & A. Pawlowski, Taylor & Francis London, New York & Singapore 2010 (in press) Journal
2010-02-01 Juda-Rezler K., Trapp W., Reizer M., 2010. Modelling the Impact of Climate Changes on Particulate Matter Levels over Poland. In: Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XX, eds.:D.G.Steyn & S.T.Rao,Springer Science+Business Media B.V.2010,pp. 499-504 Journal
2010-02-01 Juda-Rezler K., 2010. New challenges in air quality and climate modelling. Archives of Environmental Protection, 36 (1), pp. 3-28 Journal
2010-02-01 Juda-Rezler K., 2009. Modelling the Impact of Climate Changes on Particulate Matter Levels over Poland, 30th NATO/SPS International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and its Application 18-22.05.2009, San Francisco, USA Oral presentation
2010-02-01 Trapp W., 2009. Modelling of PM10 and PM2.5 Particulate Matter Air Pollution in Poland, III Congress of Environmental Engineering, 13-16.09.2009, Lublin, Poland (in Polish) Oral presentation
2009-12-22 9. Hlásny, T., Vizi, L., Turčáni, M., Koreň, M., Kulla, L., Sitková Z. 2009. Geostatistical simulation of bark beetle infestation for forest protection purposes. Journal of Forest Science, 55, 11, 518-525 Journal
2009-11-26 Ciprian Corbus, Rodica Mic, Marius Matreata, Estimarea impactului schimbarilor climatice asupra regimului hidrologic ? rezultate obtinute din participarea la proiecte international, Conferinta organizata de revista Intercity Magazin si de Ministerul Mediului cu titlul : Solutii moderne si investitii specifice pentru diminuarea riscului la inundatii si alunecari de teren, Bucuresti, 26 noiembrie 2009. Oral presentation
2009-11-17 Pongracz R., Bartholy J., Kovacs G., Pieczka I., Torma Cs. (2009): Extreme climate change scenarios for the Carpathian Basin. ENSEMBLES Final Symposium ? A Changing Climate in Europe. UK MetOffice, Exeter, UK. 17-19 November 2009. Poster
2009-11-12 Csima G.: Experiments with the ALADIN-Climate regional climate model ECMWF Member States Visit,OMSz, Budapest Oral presentation
2009-11-04 Szépszó G., Csima G., Horányi A., Szabó P: Uncertainties in the climate projections - from the climate modelling perspective Conference on Facing the Future, the Climate Summit in Copenhagen and beyond,Central European University, Budapest Oral presentation
2009-10-22 Elisabeta Oprisan, Gestionarea resurselor de apa in condițiile schimbarilor climatice. studiu de caz., Conferinta stiintifica anuala a INHGA, 21-22 octombrie 2009. Oral presentation
2009-10-06 ?těpánek, P., Farda, A., Skalák, P. (2009): Fluctuations of selected meteorological elements in mountainous regions of the Czech and Slovak republic according to RCM ALADIN-Climate/CZ outputs in the periods 2021-2050 and 2071-2100. Sustainable Development and Bioclimate, Stará Lesná 5. - 8. 10. 2009 Oral presentation
2009-10-05 ?těpánek, P., Farda, A. and Skalák P. (2009): Czech and Slovak Republic according to RCM ALADIN-Climate/CZ outputs in the periods 2021-2050 and 2071-2100. In: Pribullova, A., Bicarova, S. (eds.), Sustainable Development and Bioclimate - Reviewed Conference Proceedings. Geophysical Institute of the Slowak Academy of Sciences and Slovak Bioclimatological Society of the Slovak Academy of Sciences., Stara Lesna, 2009, pp 58-59. ; ISBN: 978-80900450-1-9 Journal
2009-10-01 Stepanek, P., Farda, A. and Skalak P. (2009): RCM ALADIN-Climate/CZ simulations of 2021-2050 and 2071-2100 climate over the Central Europe region with emphasis on analysis of extreme events. EMS Annual Meeting Abstracts, Vol. 6, EMS2009-187-1 (9th EMS / 9th ECAM) Poster
2009-10-01 Huth, R., Mik?ovský, J., ?těpánek, P., 2009: A comparative extended validation of statistical downscaling and regional climate models on a common dense grid in Central Europe. 9th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society, Toulouse, France. Oral presentation

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