June 19th 2008 : The database holding GCM, RCM and other data for CECILIA has been kindly prepared by O. B. Christensen, and it can be accessed at http://cecilia.dmi.dk/. Currently, it contains CNRM driving model output fields, with more data sets coming soon.

October 11th 2007 : ProClimDB software can be found from here, along with a guide for its use for computation of WP4 indices.

May 16th 2007 : Details concerning the 2nd CECILIA working meeting, including a contact for hotel reservation and preliminary agenda, are available in the Meetings section.

March 7th 2007 : 2nd CECILIA working meeting should take place in Greece, on June13-15 2007. More detailed information will be provided later.

November 20th 2006 : The next CECILIA meeting will take place in Semmering, Austria, on January 29-31 2007. More details in the Meetings section.

June 30th 2006 : CECILIA kick-off meeting took place in Bucharest (Romania) on June 12-14 2006. See relevant materials in the Meetings section.

June 30th 2006 : Internet pages of CECILIA are now available at http://www.cecilia-eu.org as the very first deliverable of the project.