The research part of CECILIA consists of seven workpackages:
Workpackage 1

Assessment and provision of climate change information for downscaling and impacts
Workpackage 2

Regional climate modelling experiments
Workpackage 3

Statistical downscaling, model verification and output localization
Workpackage 4

Climate change and extreme events
Workpackage 5

Climate change impacts in hydrology
Workpackage 6

Climate change impacts on agriculture and forestry sectors
Workpackage 7

Climate change impacts on air quality and health

The organizational and administrative aspects of CECILIA are covered by the project office, maintained by Charles University and represented by the project coordinator, who is assisted by the project manager:
Project admistration and management (WP8)

Management, data reporting and

Project progress is monitored and directed by the Scientific Steering Group:
Scientific Steering Group

Scientific steering group consists of leaders of the workpackages, project co-ordinator, project manager, representative of the European Commission and director of the ENSEMBLES project or his nominated representative.